• Established : 1995
  • Chairman : Mr. Abdullah Saeed Al Eida
  • Nickname : Al Shawahin
  • Head Coach : Sami Al Tarabelsi

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Team Colors

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League Posision

26 11 9 6 45 37 8 42


AS one of the youngest clubs in Qatar, the story of Al Sailiya is really only beginning.

Founded in 1995, the Sailiyawi are still finding their feet as a young club hoping to play their part in the story of football in Qatar as it continues to grow.

For such a small club to try and compete with the big boys of the league is extremely tough, but with Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani as their chairman, they have every right to believe that one day they might be able to compete with teams such as Al Rayyan, Al Sadd and Lekhwiya.

One thing is for sure; so for their story is nothing short of dramatic.

In 2006 they were relegated but fought their way back into the QSL in 2008.

Their journey between the leagues continued in 2011 when they once again suffered the drop – only to come straight back up the following season.

Fate alone saw them avoid the drop yet again last season. The club finished bottom of the league but a decision to expand the QSL to 14 teams ensured Sailiya’s place in the top flight was secure.

The club is determined to find some stability. Sailiya have had eight coaches in the last six years.

Maher Kanzari took the reigns for the beginning of the last campaign – but he was replaced by Abdullah Mubarak in January.

Mubarak’s reign ended along with the season and he was replaced by the experienced German Uli Stielike.

With a fearsome reputation as a player and a coach, Stielike will now try to impart his wisdom on Al Sailiya to help them continue their journey.

Goal keepers

  • Essa Shaaban HusseinEssa Shaaban
  • Omar Fatahy Al TadhaOmar Fatahy
  • Gomis Gregory DiranthGomis Gregory


  • Saleh Mousa A Al MashuariSaleh Mousa
  • Mehsin Saeed Al-JarboueyMehsin Saeed
  • Nayef Mubarak AbdullahNayef Mubarak
  • Hemaid Ahmad Al-SallamaHemaid Ahmad

  • Khalid Fareed A M FeirouzKhalid Fareed
  • Ghanem Haddaf  Al QahthaniGhanem Haddaf
  • Yasser Abou BakerYasser Abou
  • Fawzi Mubarak AyieshFawzi Mubarak

  • Khalid Nawaf Al AriyaniKhalid Nawaf
  • Abdulatif Salah Aldin Abdulatif Salah


  • Abdulla Darwish AshkananiAbdulla Darwish
  • Mirghani Alzain BabikerMirghani Alzain
  • Dawoud Abdul Kareem DawoudDawoud Abdul
  • Magdi Abdulla SiddiqMagdi Abdulla

  • Amer Muthanna SalehAmer Muthanna
  • Mohamed Shaaban NadaMohamed Shaaban
  • Fahad Braik Al-MarriFahad Braik


  • Omar Ibrahim HammadOmar Ibrahim
  • Abdulla Al FeihaniAbdulla Al
  • Marcelo vilas boas tavaresMarcelo vilas
  • Dagano Beli MoumouniDagano Beli

  • Mohammed Salah Al NeeliMohammed Salah
  • Marcelo RameroMarcelo Ramero
  • Abdelrahman Mohammad AbdelazizAbdelrahman Mohammad
  • Abdulrahman Mohammed Al-HaraziAbdulrahman Mohammed

  • Ali Abdulkarem AliAli Abdulkarem
  • Othman Hassan Al AqibOthman Hassan

Stadium information

  • Name : Ahmed bin Ali Stadium
  • Address : Garafat Al-Rayyan and Dukhen Highway
  • Opened : 2003
  • Capacity : 22000